1 C flour

2/3 C water

2/3 C milk

3 eggs

3 T melted butter

Beat ingredients until blended, rest 10 min.

Use non-stick pan 8-10 in.  Heat until water dances when you drop on it.  Add 1/3 C batter, swirl around in pan 45 sec. to coat. Flip over for 15 sec. more.  Set aside. Makes about 7.

NOTE:  You can make it savory as well by stuffing it with scramble eggs.



1 1/2 C blueberries

1 tsp. lemon juice

1 T sugar

Stir all ingredients together. Put Cool Whip or vanilla pudding in crepe, top with blueberries, fold over. Top with powder sugar and some almond slices.

Also:  STRAWBERRIES, prepared the same as above.

THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS,      Try   different fillings:                             NUTRELA AND STRAWBERRIES,   CHERRY PIE FILLING IN A CAN