The Smells, the Taste, the feel, the joy of

subtle creations,

the Memories of Childhood

and Loved Ones long gone,

Recreated in a World of Sensations.

This is my Joy, my Inspiration,

Bringing you home to embrace  my Spirit.

By: Mary

To My Family and Friends:

Starting with my husband, Wayne, who has been my partner in life and a wonderful father and husband whom I love very much. To our sons, Mitch and Jason and their families who I cherish.  Mitch and Marquita bring us such joy and now we have our precious granddaughter, Viviana.  Viviana has been a blessing in our lives and we love her so much.    Our granddaughters, Sophie and Bella who have truly captured our hearts.  We are blessed to have such a wonderful family.  I love each and every one of you and hope you enjoy this cookbook. An added tribute to my Mom, who has always been there for me and I continue to cherish.

This is also dedicated to my extended family & friends who I have shared recipes and ideas over the years.  Salute to all of you!

Enclosed is a collection of recipes that I have accumulated over the years and have tested, in some cases, tweaked or invented. Some are  homemade and some are semi-homemade.  I hope you enjoy them! This has truly been a labor of love, I have found my true passion.   Love, Mary, Mom, & Gram


Cassie Lee & Angelo Rumore, my Mom & Dad
Emil and Ulee Moccia, Wayne’s Mom & Dad

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