It’s About the Food! (Mary’s joy of Family Cooking)

Scrumptious recipes including many family favorites!


I have published my first cookbook titled, “Mary’s Joy of Family Cooking”, which was the inspiration for this blog.  You can see the book in it’s entirety by clicking on the link!

Mary’s Joy of Family Cooking: CLICK HERE

3 thoughts on “MARY’S JOY OF FAMILY COOKING-“The Cookbook”

  1. So nice to meet you at the New Year’s Eve party. Your cake was delicious! Did you figure out the tomato pie? Jerry’s still not giving it up!

    1. Suzanne, Thanks so much! It was great to meet you too. We had another party today and Clarence played his sax, it was great! Tell Jerry I haven’t figured it out yet, but I am working on it!! Keep in touch and let us know if you get down here again. I’d love to visit with you guys again! Fondly, Mary

  2. THANK YOU for sharing your cookbook!! I was floored when I seen this available & have spent the past several minutes going thru each recipe. The photos were great + the hints were a nice touch too.

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