This is a show stopper for sure and takes a little planning, but the results are worth it!  There’s no one recipe for this appetizer, use what ever you like.  Study the picture to get an idea of how to place the treats!

CEDED326-4C38-4496-BCA3-9499426E3DFF99D4E2B8-63F6-4766-A3F4-F4484C0A9ED2CF160616-8B13-407E-8547-023E3621B62D Instructions on making a CHRISTMAS TREE CHARCUTERIE: Use a styrofoam Christmas tree and using a glue gun, glue it to a plastic plate (one you can dispose of, I got this one at Publix for $2.99).  Then using the glue gun again, glue parchment paper around the cone to hide the white.

6519B988-3B84-46DA-9C85-E6B67E582B4CI had so much left over, that I made a tray of charcuterie to go along with the tree.  I used sharp cheddar, white cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses.  Just cut them into cubes.  Lay out all your different cheeses, meats, and olives and alternate placement based on color and size.   I brushed the finished tree with a little olive oil.  It’ll be a hit at any Christmas Party!